Thank Us Later – Tips About German Proxy You Need To Know

Germans are very efficient people; in the second world war, they fought the whole world. Though the defeat was inevitable. But with their speed and efficiency, they did put in a hard fight.

While expanding in Europe they used their fast tanks to quickly penetrate in the enemy area. An attack lethal and fast, their army troops used to capture vast amounts of land, before the enemy even got the time to react. 

But this article is not about the war. Instead, we want to focus on the new generation of Germans, the tech-savvy ones, 75% of the German population is on social media in some way or another.

And, there is an insane number of social media platforms in Germany. And, if we want to reach the German market, we can very well take the route of social media. I mean this kind of no-brainer nowadays.

German-based Social Media

Now, our social media platforms are also getting smarter, hence they show localized content to their users. Now, how do they know that we are a local business or not? From our IP address, of course.

Now, sitting in New York we need a German proxy to connect to our German members through social media. The content which we will be sharing across our social media handles should be personalized to the people across the globe.

This is the reason why proxies are so great in allowing the business to run and operate from different locations into various geographies. Well, we will talk about the German proxy servers, but before that, we need a social media automation tool.

Social Media Automation Tools

Now, all the magic which we are seeing right now on social media is possible through social media automation tools only. We need a complete plan, a complete content calendar for at least the next 3 months, to create the desired impression on the customer.

The desired result is that our customers will notice us, what he will do after noticing completely depends on the content of our message. But, if we can assume that our content will be good, then we need to re-hit our target customers at least six times.

And, that too from different directions. Hence, we need to schedule a lot of content, and also depending on the time zone of each geography, we have to schedule for late or early hours.

Now, if we want to make the social media automation tool more effective, we need to add them to a proxy network.

Example of Social Media Tools that Support German Proxy

There are so many social media automation tools such as Mass Planner, Follow Adder, GMT2, Follow Liker, etc. We can choose from any, but we need to make sure that they can be configured with proxies.

We can operate multiple accounts using the same system, and keep synchronicity and grip on the social media plan by using proxies. There are so many German proxy sites we can find around on the internet.

German Web Proxy

Now before we buy a German proxy, there are few things which we need to take care of. First of all, don’t underestimate the German government and also social media platforms.

The government is always on the lookout for suspicious IP addresses, and since if they find anything suspicious, they block it.

Similarly, social media platforms block IP addresses and accounts, if they find that multiple accounts are being used by a single device. Hence, not only do we need a German proxy, we have to be careful about the type of proxy we are selecting.

Types of German proxy

There are three types of proxies. One completely public and free. Second is the completely dedicated and private one, and the last is an in-between of the above. They are shared but by fewer people and are also not free.

Free German Proxies

Free proxies are the most obvious choice to sneak in somewhere we should not. Legally. They are anonymous and free. What else do we need?

But they are not for businesses. Free proxies are slow and unstable. Some of them are offered with good intentions, but they so many people use them, the network is often jammed. Now, how bad it would be, if the network jams during the porn video we are watching. 

Well, we might get over it, but what about the pain of losing on a customer, due to a slow network?

Private German Proxies

These are dedicated German proxy servers who are not only anonymous but are also awesomely fast. They are fast because private proxy servers are 100% dedicated to our network only.

And, for large scale social media campaigns and existing social media strategies, private proxies are very important. We need to run an international campaign, we can not just sit on a small system and spread across the globe.

We need to increase our network, and this can be done with a network of proxies at different places. We can send personalized content and run localized social media campaigns. Like Diwali in India, or Black Friday in the US.  

Proxies give us a longer reach through access to different geographies. Hence, for running our social media marketing operations in Germany we need to make sure we do it by being part of their network.

The use of proxies is often underestimated in small and medium businesses because they are often on a strict budget, but we have to understand the criticality of proxies for business operations.

With the digital network, we can reach anywhere in the world. But this world is running on servers. Hence, we can not just ignore the importance of physical distance in the fast digital world.


Through German proxies, we can run dedicated social media marketing campaigns designed specifically for the German market. Even the local German businesses can outsource their social media marketing efforts by still maintaining the local presence through proxy servers.

Irrespective of the size of the business we have, we need to be present at multiple locations at the same time. There are different people, different markets, and different countries, we need to be localized. 

And, proxies are the most convenient way to do it.