Take Full Advantage Of SSL Proxy By Reading These Helpful Tips

Internet has become a vital part of our lives and it now holds immense importance in our daily undertakings. Let it be business, entertainment or learning, we deal with the internet a lot more than before. So much exposure to the internet often puts our privacy at stake and hence we need some secure gateway through which we can do our daily tasks i.e. making transactions, visiting websites and much more.

What Is A Proxy Server?

To provide encrypted connection between the user and client, proxy servers were introduced. A proxy server acts as a gate between user and the internet. They provide a safe searching and prevents the user from wild internet which contains a lot of bad stuff. All in all proxy servers provide privacy to the consumer.

SSL Proxies

For the assurance of safety of important data being transmitted over networks, many websites use SSL proxy to encrypt their information. An SSL proxy server changes the certificates of encrypted websites with SSL proxy certificate and gets the encrypted information. During this process, the client acts as an SSL client and SSL server to establish connections to the server and browser. The SSL proxy certificate is generated by using the appliance’s own certificate and re-signing the website certificate.

A protocol is a set of rules used for specific purposes. In this scenario protocols are the communication i.e. the way we communicate. On the web, there are multiple protocols being used but HTTP and HTTPS are widely used. HTTP (Hypertext transfer protocol) is a set of rules used to transfer text based messages. The computers work in binary language and any information that has to be sent becomes a hypertext and hence it is called hypertext protocol. 

What Is HTTPS Protocol?

HTTPS is a secure version of HTTP i.e. all the data that you send through the HTTP protocol becomes encrypted between the client and customer.  It is often used in confidential transactions for example in banks and online shopping where important details such as credit card numbers, home addresses stay between the buyer and seller. It also has some other benefits such as being ranked in Google. Having an SSL certificate makes your website safer for visitors as all the data is encrypted. Moreover Google also announced that the websites with an SSL certificate are ranked higher.

There is a lot of data available online that can be used for experimentation, analysis , calculations and much more. It can help innovate many things but it’s availability does not solve the problem. The websites keep blocking the analysts and other people who try to get that data. This is a common defense mechanism of the websites. This is where SSL proxy sites come in. 

They provide millions of HTTPS IP addresses as SSL proxies to get the data they desire. The internet is crowded with SSL proxy lists that you can use for different purposes.

Take Away

Apart from all the SSL web proxies, there is considerable option for all those who want to use SSL proxy. The Firefox browser offers its own SSL proxy server. It can simply be applied by importing certificates in the browser settings. This makes it easier for the user to use all the proxy services.