Here Is A Checklist To Consider When Buying India Proxy

The increasing trend of internet has enhanced many things and brought innovation in many aspects of life. However, there are some downsides of the internet too. The hackers are always in search for some way to loot people. The introduction of proxy servers was a milestone in online business dealings because it provided a safe, secure and encrypted connection between client and seller.

Types Of Proxies

There are different types of proxies with different characteristics that are suited according to the needs of customers.

Free Proxy

Free proxy refers to the type of proxy which can be used to surf the blocked websites free of cost. It is open to everyone on the internet and does not charge anything for using it.

Shared Proxy

Shared proxy is where you have to share the proxy services with a particular group of people who are using the same service provider as yours.

Dedicated Proxy

Dedicated proxy refers to the services that are only used by you. You don’t share it with anyone and is used only by a single user at a time.

Pros and Cons of Different Types Of Proxies

All the above proxies have their pros and cons. The free proxy is open to all and hence it is not very safe. Moreover, there are a lot of ads in free proxy as it is free so they have to earn through some source. The advantage of this proxy is that it is free of cost and hence widely used.

The shared proxy, as suggested by its name, is shared between some people. The IPs are shared and its disadvantage is if one of the users does something illegal, all of the users suffer from the consequences. The good thing about shared proxies is that they have no ads and the user data is encrypted so there is no risk of a digital robbery.

The Dedicated proxies are quite expensive proxy services that are only for a single user. They have no ads and the user does not suffer for the deed of any other user. The only disadvantage of this is that it’s quite expensive as all the charges are to be received from one person.

India Proxy

There are proxies that are only for some regions and unblock the content that is blocked in that region particularly. For instance in India, people will buy Indian proxy to unlock the blocked Indian content. This would be an India private proxy as it is meant only for a region and would use Indian proxy servers. If some site is blocked only for India because of some government policy, the Indian proxy servers are then used.

Indian proxy services are provided by two types of suppliers: The free proxy and the paid proxies. The reliable proxy services are the one that are paid because they encrypt user data and it is far more safe from threats like viruses, hackers and a lot more. Also, there are less ads on paid proxies which makes them easy to use and less time consuming.