Don’t Buy Vietnam Proxy Until You Have Read This Information

The online world started increasing its span in the late 90s. Like every sane person does, people were initially hesitant and less prone towards using the internet for their normal life chores. Chores like shopping, ordering, research and other things like this, which are associated to the internet these days. As time passed internet’s trend became famous. People started using this platform in their daily life. 

This shift of life to the internet from the real world brought many positive and negative changes in the society. Video calls, Instant messaging, online research, online books, and whatnot. These are some of the things that compelled the authorities to acknowledge the importance of the Internet. Moreover, this facility never faced any issues in its expansion and growth because almost everyone was benefiting from it. From governments to armies and security agencies, all were included in the beneficiaries of this great service. 

Evolution of The Online Arena

So it started growing under the shade of all kinds of authorities and faced not a lot of difficulties in expansion of its span.

Every new thing at first seems very great. With time comes the realization of the fact that every good thing has some downsides too. Same happened in the case of internet. Some negative things started to prevail across the internet. As the internet was a community by then, people were affected in huge numbers by this. 

Hackers and scammers started exploiting this revolutionary platform. Initially there were small acts done by them but with time they grew like bacteria and infected the internet badly. Their acts became registered as White collar crimes when the damage started going out of hands. For instance when they started sabotaging the security systems of different banks or hacked the official websites of military and intelligence agencies.

Online world started getting infested with hackers and things couldn’t go reverse at that stage. People couldn’t back off. So they started working to create something to tackle these bugs. They had to be dealt with. Deterrent measures had become mandatory by that time. It was no longer just the pictures, games or trivial items of people that were being stolen. 

It was their life fortune, country’s secrets, a scientist’s classified research and much more. In this wave of either wiping out the hackers or finding a way to deal with them, many methods were introduced which could serve as fool proof security systems.

Proxy Servers Provide Secure Browsing

The introduction of proxy servers was one of the things that provide safety and peace of mind to the users. Proxy servers are the backbone of a huge percentage of internet users these days. These servers act like a shield by presenting themselves to the attack and protect the user. The way a proxy server works is very basic yet effective. When a person visits a website, they make a request to that website. 

In that request is the data of the user. That data is IP address and other important details about a user. These details can be used to gain access to that computer. The hackers track the requests made by users to different websites and exploit the data it carries with the request. Proxy servers are of great use in this regard. 

They encrypt all the communication between user and client’s website. It means the connection is totally private. No one would be able to detect it and then of course there is no risk of data theft.

One other important thing that proxy servers are capable of doing is disguising themselves as the user. For instance a user is in some region where he can’t access some data on the internet. This happens because either the government or the website does not allows that content to be searched in that particular area. Is that a new thing for you? Well, for your information, this happens and no one can do anything about it. 

Access Regional Content in Vietnam

No one except the proxy server users. Let’s take the example of Vietnam. An internet user in Vietnam would be using Vietnam proxy server to unblock all kinds of content on the internet that is blocked for that particular region. The user would simply buy a Vietnam proxy. The proxy server would make requests on behalf of that user. 

The website will not get to know that this request is being made from Vietnam because it is not actually being made from there. The proxy server in some other area of the world makes the request and then redirects the search results to the user who rented the proxy server.

This proxy server is no less than a blessing because it is a huge revolution and now it is readily available for almost anyone. The proxy servers are divided into three main types according to the user’s ease and demand.

Free Proxies

The free proxy servers are kind of free for all and available for everyone. Every person who has internet access can use these servers for whatever the purpose them servers can offer. It is a very amazing thing because getting a service like this for free is rare. Although the free proxies come with a price they’re an amazing service for the ones who cannot afford it. These servers earn through ads. 

Ads can be very annoying when it comes to using the internet because they slow down the speed of working and reduce the work efficiency. There is another downside associated to this side of proxy servers. This is the number is users on one server. As the server is free for all people, everyone can access it and hence everyone does. This crowds the server and slows down the speed of loading the search results. 

This also brings along a problem related to the blocked websites. When a huge number of people make requests to visit a site or unblock it, the website blocks the IP address from which the requests are coming. Sometimes it can be a temporary ban but in most of the cases the websites have a very strict policy and they ban the website permanently. Due to this a lot of proxy servers would be banned from a lot of websites. Hence they would be of no use to a lot of users. 

For example if a user wants to access a website named ( but that website is blocked due to a huge number of requests. That proxy server would be totally useless for him. This is the cost that the users of free proxy server have to pay.  

Shared Proxies

The second category is the shared proxy service. It is a little bit different but provides the same better service to the users. In a shared proxy server there are a number of people who are sharing a particular server. The number is limited and the access is granted to only a few. These few are the ones who are willing to pay the price of a shared proxy server. 

The price would not be too high but of course it is more than the price of a free proxy server. As the shared proxy server is paid, it has no ads and is very user friendly. The loading speeds are not very slow and absence of ads make it more comfortable for the users. Normally the prices of a proxy server are very high. The shared proxy server becomes affordable for people because the price of one server is being shared among the users of that particular server. 

Let’s suppose a server has the price $500 and there are a total of 10 users. Every user would have to pay $50 and that is a lot cheaper than the total price. The only downside of a shared proxy server is the probability of the other mates doing something that affects all of the users. If one user on a server does something illegal or something that could have bad consequences, all the people on that server would be affected. If one of them gets blocked from amazon or some other giant website, all of the people would not have access to that website. 

This could result in wastage of money because all the payment is in advance. Imagine finding yourself blocked from the website for which you paid a considerable sum of money. It would be heartbreaking right?

Elite Proxy Service

The third proxy service can be referred to as the elite proxy service because it is totally dedicated for a single user. The dedicated proxy servers are given to only a single user and no one else can infiltrate into that server. Imagine using a whole server and having no one who could get you banned from a site you want to visit. A luxury right? Indeed it is. In a dedicated proxy server, high speeds are offered with no ads. 

This is a total first class experience. One can work with total ease of mind. Dedicated proxy might seem to be very appealing and the best alternative. It is the best alternative for those who are multi-millionaires or have a lot of dollars in the banks. Unfortunately, not all people are this rich. 

There are more people out there who are looking to set up their startups and grow their business. Not all the people can pay a huge cost. Secondly when the cost has to be paid by a single user, it becomes a hard pill to swallow.

Proxies In Vietnam

Whatever the proxy service is chosen by an individual, he/she should be very careful while selecting the buyer. When it comes to Vietnam proxy server, a lot of research should be made before someone gets Vietnam proxy. This is because all the above facts do affect people. The mentioned good and bad sides of the different proxy providers have to be considered. Sometimes the proxy providers can have a lot of hackers on their servers. 

These hackers would harm the user in many ways. Therefore a lot of research has to be done before buying a Vietnam proxy server. One should clearly check whether or not the content that he/she wants to unblock is being unblocked from that particular server they’re buying.

The Vietnam proxy server would let the Vietnamese people have access to all content that is blocked in Vietnam. Moreover, they can also visit the search results of other countries to have a third person’s opinion. They can also unblock many websites that are blocked in Vietnam.

When someone buys Vietnam proxy, they should compare all the proxy providers in the region. They should select the proxy that has the best rates and is the best rated one among the Vietnam proxy servers.

Take Away

Whatever someone buys, proper research has to be done, and in this case a lot is at stake. It can be someone’s important data, a bank account details, crypto currency, a secret diary or someone’s book that has yet to be published. It can also be someone’s personal diary or the facts on the basis of which someone can be blackmailed later on by the hackers. So utmost care has to be taken when it comes to buying such kind of services. These put a lot at stake. It is better to do research rather than being bullied later on.

These proxy services can be of great benefit to the one who uses them properly and makes decisions on the basis of facts. It all starts from choosing which server to buy (Shared or Dedicated) and then testing whether the site is blocked or not from that particular server. One should start with buying subscriptions for smaller periods i.e. days or weeks. This would reduce the loss amount if the server is blocked from the site that the user is interested in visiting.