5 Amazing Tricks To Get The Most Out Of Your Reverse Proxy

Proxy servers have been serving the people on the internet for a long time. Their importance cannot be neglected as they are still being used widely and on a large scale. Corporate offices, social media influencers, gamers and businessmen are the ones that are mostly using proxy servers these days. They create effective marketing campaigns that reach international communities all across the world. People have been using proxies for different purposes and the multiple functions of proxy server made it stand out.

People kept working on it to make it beneficial for more and more people. Everyday bug removals and innovations made these servers more efficient day by day. Here, the reverse proxies are introduced.

What Is A Reverse Proxy?

When a user on the internet wants to open a webpage, the request is sent to the website and the website in return accepts the request. These requests contain data i.e. IP address of the sender and the receiver. This data can be exploited by the hackers so proxy servers use a different IP address to send requests which keeps their original IP address safe and protected. They encrypt the data which is being transferred to save the user from any kind of data theft. When a system of a service provider is open and exposed to people for sending requests and visiting, hackers find these events as an opportunity to get something out of it for themselves.

This is considered a bug at first but the reverse proxy servers stopped this problem from becoming a plague. A reverse proxy server is a virtual server that is different from the original server of the service provider. It is on the forefront and accepts all the requests being sent by the customers/clients. This saves the original servers from any kind of attacks or hackers. Not only customers have the right to be saved – the service providers have also invested a lot of money and time in making a website.

Therefore they also needed protection and the reverse proxy servers are doing it very efficiently.

Enhanced Browsing Experience Through Reverse Proxies

Reverse proxies not only provide protection but also has some other benefits that the business owner can use to increase the efficiency of the business. For instance if a business has a website with service being provided online, reverse proxies help in decreasing the load on the server and hence helps them avoid slow speeds. The load is divided and a friendly user experience is ensured. This is because the requests can be directed to different servers based upon the nearest location.

Reverse proxies and forward proxies are not very different from each other. They are just the same processes working on different domains. Forward proxy servers work on the customer’s side and helps customers get a different IP address to secure themselves from any kind of threats and hackers online. This also helps them disguise their location as the servers they use as proxy are on a different location and hence the requests seem to be coming from those locations.

What Are Forward Proxies?

Forward proxies basically shields clients’ computers. They secure the data being transferred from and to the client’s server. Forward proxies are multipurpose proxies with functions being suitable for a very wide range of users. Some would even use it to play games that are blocked in their region. All they have to do is get a proxy server that is not from their region.

Forward Proxy Locations

They would get an American server and get to play the game is Asia. Some would make other uses of this feature of proxy servers and use it to change their location and have a virtual location of their choice and enjoy country specific perks. These are all possible when using a proxy server, regardless of country specific restrictions. Users who know about these things take advantage and get access to these benefits. Sometimes people also use this feature of proxy server to just change their location.

Location matters a lot these days. For instance, you can be sitting in some rural area of Afghanistan and want to start working online or get access to some courses. The application procedure requires your location and you don’t want them to judge you based on your location. This actually happens, that is why I am quoting this problem here. So All you have to do is get a proxy server and show some other location. All the online earning websites are also stacked with people from all across the globe.

People with great skills tend to develop a reputation that keeps them safe from this but the mediocre ones face many difficulties. Therefore they start moving towards these options.

Gain Access to Geo-Located Content Using Proxies

A proxy server can also be very helpful in unblocking the content that you cannot view in your county. Authorities sometimes block a list of websites that violates the rules of the country. This is an era of research and knowledge has to be spread to everyone. People need data about the things that they want to know and as well as for research. So they the proxy server route for unblocking the contents that are restricted in their country.

This can be really helpful – People also use it to get the apps working on their phone which are blocked in their country.

Advantages of Reverse Proxy

Reverse proxies are used by a large business franchises and ecommerce giants and produces great results. Reverse proxies are basically shields and protects the backend systems of the service provider. Reverse proxy servers act as traffic cops and distributes the incoming requests to the back end servers and does let any of the servers choke with burden of the users. This ensures safe and fast browsing experience for the users. If any of the servers is down, the reverse proxy server directs the traffic to the vacant servers.

Reverse proxies are also capable of compressing inbound and outbound data. They have the ability to compress the cache requested frequently. These speeds up the server and the data transmission between the user and client becomes swift. Reverse proxy servers are really good at performing SSL encryption. SSL encryption takes a lot of load off the web servers and therefore increases the communication rate between client and server.

Enhancing Web Security Using Reverse Proxy Servers

Security and anonymity is another advantage of using the reverse proxy servers. It intercepts the requests headed for the backend servers of the service provider. First of all, it protects the identity of the back end server and secondly it provides a defense against the attacks generated by hackers to break the security wall and clog the server with viruses. Reverse proxies also provide a single access to your multiple setup of servers. This is a huge plus point as you will be having a single URL to access the website and requests will be sent to all of the servers.

You won’t need more than one web addresses to access all the servers working on the backend.  

Types of Reverse Proxies

Reverse proxy servers are useful additions in any business and their importance has been established by all the benefits that were discussed earlier. There are multiple providers of reverse proxy service. It should be decided on the basis of some criteria whether or not to buy reverse proxy servers from a particular provider or not. There are two types of reverse proxy providers on the basis of quality and price.

Free Reverse Proxy

The first one is the free reverse proxy providers.

As the name suggests, these are free of cost servers available to everyone. People can use it and they will have to pay nothing. This might seem to be very appealing and a perfect alternative to paid proxy servers but we need to keep in mind that free also comes with a price. That price is paid in many forms other than money.

A free proxy server is open to all and this means there will be no check on who is using the server. There will be no proper record of people using it. No proper details are required to sign up for such servers and hence there is a high probability of hackers ending up in the group. They are always looking for something to fish. Their target is mainly the newbies who don’t know much about how things work on the internet so they put all of their important details on any website whether or not it is trusted.

Security Issues

Therefore they get hacked and lose a lot of their important data and money. Another downside of a free proxy server is slow speeds. People turn towards a free thing in bulks and hence almost all of the free reverse proxy servers are crowded with people. This slows down the loading speeds to great extent.

The free proxy servers are charging nothing from their users. But they need to earn something in order to meet the expenses and get something in return for their efforts. So they bring in ads. The ads worsen the situation in a free proxy server. Time is money.


It really gets frustrating when you have limited time and you have to see a lot of in the form of ads to proceed to working. Therefore this is a downside of the free proxy server that makes professional and goal oriented people not choose these servers as a part of their work machine.

The free proxies also have some benefits apart from being free. People can get to have a practical experience of how things would go when they buy their own proxy server. A demonstration of something before actually doing something prepares you best for it. Moreover, proxy servers are really expensive. If one can get the same service in a little bit lower quality for no price, why won’t he/she go for it?

Private Reverse Proxy

The private reverse proxies are elite reverse proxy servers that are dedicated to a single user. No other user is allowed access to that one server because it is dedicated for one party only. This reverse proxy server provides high speeds and an ad free experience that enhances the user experience. When nobody shares the server, there is no load on the server. A single party can seldom saturate a server with requests.

This only happens in the case of ecommerce giants i.e. Ebay etc. Therefore private reverse proxy servers are never going to slow down.

The private proxy servers also have some downsides which might make a user question the cost to benefit ratio of these servers. They are private and dedicated for one person and hence the total cost is to be paid by one person. This puts a lot of burden on one person. If someone can afford it, that’s great because the benefits in a private reverse proxy server are worth it.


It all ends up on our choices, our priorities and what aims and objectives do we have in our mind. We should be clear on what our goals are and then make any choice. Good things take time. The finest of wines take the longest time to brew.